5 unique bathroom decoration ideas

One of the most vital aspects to consider for your home is the bathroom design. Since it’s the second most used room in the house after the kitchen, you should ensure that you give it your best. This way, you’ll always feel invited into it for warm baths and showers which are a good way to relax after a busy day. However, each person is unique and has his/her own taste of the decorations that would be most appealing. Therefore, it’s a great idea to have decorations that are both modern and unique. If you’re looking to make your bathroom stand out, consider the following ideas for your bathroom design.

1. Pairing Everything for She and He

Some people may think that making him and her everything is not a great idea. However, when you look at it keenly, you’ll come to realize how unique you can get your bathroom to be. This includes separate water closets and separate showers. This is a new trend in bathroom design in 2018 that has been incorporated by many hotels. A lot of people are now looking for premises that have bathroom essentials in pairs to allow for a person and their other half to operate independently as may be needed by the parties. The downside of this idea is that it will require more cleaning work but it’s still worth considering it for your bathroom.

2. Matte Black

One of the quickest ways to date a space is by focusing on the hardware. A room that is painted in all-white is timeless and may be very difficult to know how old it is for those are properly done. However, the latest idea for bathroom hardware is matte black. It can be awesome if it’s contrasted with light cabinets. It doesn’t require polishing with wax paper and has the ability to hide handprints on the bathroom wall or floor.


3. Technology

Technology has become a very integral part of every person’s life. A great way to make your bathroom stand out is by including technology in it so that you have a smart bathroom. Today there are mirrors that are integrated with lighting that have the ability to adjust based on what you’re doing in the bathroom. Even toilets have been designed with technology that makes them self-cleaning. When you go for a shower, you can have your shower TV showing your favourite program. The other technology is the integrated towel warmer that warms for you the towel before you grab it to use it.

4. Bolder Colours

The trend of bathroom design that has the ability to make your bathroom have a unique look is the use of bolder colours such as bold jewel tones such as blues. These colours are suited for walls, floors and even the cabinetry. For the cabinets, you can have a navy or sky blue to make them unique and visually appealing. All you need to watch out for is to ensure that there is a balance between your neutrals and bold shades.

5. Stand Alone Bathtub

You can have a standalone bathroom, not necessarily in the bathroom. Alternatively, you may decide to have in the bathroom but separated from your shower. In this way, you’ll find a place to soak yourself after a busy day without necessarily having to get a shower.


These 5 unique bathroom decoration ideas are a great way to make your bathroom design be special. Have a little touch of yourself by choosing the technology, colour, matte black colours that you love most. In this way, your bathroom decorations will be unique in its own way.