5 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Lights

Just like jewellery and accessories to a boring fashion ensemble, good and proper lighting can also add instant magic to any area of your home. It can set the mood, highlight favourite and stunning features, provide a touch of elegance, and even hide its shortcomings or just simply enhance the ambience of the entire home.

Here’s how to decorate your home with lights:

Make a statement

Be sure to select unique fixtures to draw attention to an area of the room that you want to be highlighted or to your favourite furnishing or décor. For example, if you want to highlight your musicality by boasting the grand piano in the living area, you may hang a uniquely shaped fixture in the ceiling above it like a vintage chandelier.

Consider the room’s function.

Each space in a home has its own use and function. If you plan to use a certain area as a reading nook and working spot, you may want to consider placing lamps. If a certain area is to be used as a gallery which displays the family’s portraits or achievements, you may put an accent light that is usually produced by track lights, a spotlight, or the prettier wall scones.

Factor in size and placement.

Pendant lights draw attention because they hang down closer to eye level and are also perfect for smaller spaces that need direct lighting. If you have a smaller table, you may choose a chandelier that is not wider than the table’s width minus 12 inches.

Mix and match.

Layering light sources at different levels is a rule of thumb in the lighting department — that’s so you can create a flattering ambience.

In the living room, you may light three out of four corners while focusing one of those accent lights on an object like a plant or a striking piece of artwork.

In the dining room, nothing else deserves the brightest spot than the dining table itself. To help draw more people in, you may put a chandelier or a pendant light above the table. While the table is crowned with the brightest light, other corners of the dining area will look good with just subtle lighting. With this, you may adorn the sideboard with a small table lamp or come up with votives inside a glass-front china cabinet.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, nothing would feel as cosy and laidback than a combination of reading lamps and candlelight. You may place reading lamps by the bed but make sure to angle them to a different direction, such as toward the dressing area. Then, mix it up with a small and tinted bulb placed on a low table to mimic a candlelight feel.

D-I-Y it!

Who says that LED, fairy lights, string lights, and the like are only for those experimenting in arts and crafts? Not only are these artsy lighting pieces good to the pocket, they can also give a dreamy and romantic vibe to a home. You may experiment with various colours and styles. They can be used to accentuate a vintage mirror or the corners of a living room table. You may even display them with mason jars or other creative and artsy materials to create a laidback feel.